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Industrial Control Transformers

Design Choices

Sola/Hevi-Duty offers a broad range of industrial control solutions to the most demanding industrial applications. Our products exceed NEMA ratings for inrush and regulation to ensure control systems are powered correctly. Electromagnetic control components demand inrush currents up to 10 times the transformer’s nominal rating. While this inrush is occurring, the output side of the transformer must not fall below 85% of nominal as specified by NEMA St. 1, Part 4. Using a transformer that does not meet these ratings may cause erroneous shutdowns of downstream systems.

To meet your complete control needs, Sola/Hevi-Duty offers four series of control transformers, all of which exceed the NEMA standards. The Selection Chart can be used to identify the appropriate transformer for your application.

The Series

  • The SBE series (encapsulated and open style) is available from 50 - 5000 VA, 55°C Rise and features copper windings and encapsulation (through 1000 VA) for longer life and protection from the environment. This low temperature performance can mean smaller cabinet size or longer life for any electronic components that may be nearby.

  • The SMT series are 115°C rise, aluminum wound and for applications where good voltage regulation and higher power capacities (1000-5000 VA) are required.

  • The International series (CE) meets all IEC requirements including touchproof covers (IP20 ordered separately) for European applications.  Also available is the new ICE International series which combines IP20 touch proof terminations, copper windings and encapsulation in a design built to match international voltage combinations.

  • The HSZ series rounds out Hevi-Duty’s line with an enclosed series of control transformers from 1 - 10 KVA that feature either an UL-3R or NEMA 12 enclosure. This unique design, featuring copper windings and encapsulated construction, can help system designers meet harsher environmental standards or design for a safer installation outside of a control cabinet. The HSZ series is for applications where cost or heat issues make mounting the transformer outside the control panel necessary.

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